Mark Savard Comedy Hypnosis

Mark Savard Comedy Hypnosis
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Imagine if you could get anybody to believe, do or say anything you wanted him or her to, just by talking to them. What if - just through the sound of your voice - you could cause people to believe you were completely invisible or that they found you irresistibly attractive? While this may sound like fantasy to you, it is the everyday world of Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis. Have the experience of your life at the Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis show, voted a Las Vegas “must-see!” Every show, curious volunteers from all over the world surrender to the power of suggestion, giving the audience a hilarious, outrageous and utterly entertaining performance. Should you so choose, you too could become a star of the Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis show.

Self-taught and starring on stage as the world’s youngest professional hypnotist, Marc mastered the art of mesmerizing people at 19. By 21 Marc was appearing in over 200 stage shows internationally. At 23, he was fighting for his life. Hit head on by a drunk driver and left with a broken back and fractured skull, Marc was forced to leave the stage and turn his hypnotism skills on himself. Marc not only defied his doctors grim prognosis by making a rapid and complete recovery, he left them in awe by controlling his pain with mind power instead of medication. Within six months of his crash, Marc was back onstage performing with a passion for life that comes from being so close to death. From creating an internationally acclaimed program for teaching high school students about the dangers of drinking and driving to helping world class athletes bring home gold medals, Marc has put his extraordinary talent for manipulating the mind to good use.