Evil Dead The Musical

Evil Dead The Musical
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  • Duration: 365 Days (approx.)
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What's the show that people keep returning to again and again, sometimes yelling the lines along with the actors and sometimes interacting with lines of their own? You might think ROCKY HORROR, but in this case you'd be WRONG. It's EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL, the camp comedy that is painting the town BLOODY!

Sir Michaels Productions presents the world's only 4D experience with a "splaterzone!" This hilarious show tells the story of five college students who go to an abandoned cabin and accidentally unleash evil forces that turn them into demons. It combines elements of the cult classic horror films, "Evil Dead I," Evil Dead II," and " Army of Darkness" into one of the craziest, most interactive theatrical experiences of all time.

Critics, fans, theatre lovers, theatre haters, and just about anyone who happens to find themselves at the show all agree - this is the best thing since sliced veins! Hot chicks! Dancing zombies! A guy with a chain saw for a hand!